Testimonials from Some of Dr. Eaton's Clients

I honestly don’t know how to express my gratitude to Dr. Eaton for her support in my medical school application process. Medical schools seem to expect students to demonstrate strong ability, extreme passion, intense compassion, and a wide range of experiences and interests in 500 words or less. While it feels impossible, “Dr. Eaton provides these qualities throughout the application process. The depth of her knowledge and experience is clear and obviously helpful, but her compassion and dedication are unsurpassed by any advisor, teacher, or support person with whom I have ever worked or met. When I felt stressed (which was always), I emailed Dr. Eaton, and I knew she would respond with a plan that would make me feel better and help me to improve my application. I hope to be a physician who can provide the emotional support and empathetic care that Dr. Eaton shares with those of us lucky enough to receive her guidance.”

-E.S., Medical School Applicant
“Carleen is the most amazing person to support you through the medical school application process. I can’t speak highly enough about her and have recommended her to everyone I know who is applying to medical school. From the initial consultation, she listened and made me feel taken care of. After talking to her for 20 min I knew I had to have her by my side to tackle the application process. At first, I had her help with the personal statement, but after working with her and seeing how involved and brilliant she was I needed her for the secondary applications and interviews. There was no one else I trusted or felt comfortable relying on. Carleen was so caring! She took the time to answer all the emails I sent when I was worried about getting into medical school in an encouraging but realistic way. I am so beyond grateful for her. Every email and every call was worth it and at this point, I truly consider her a friend. 
With her help not only did I receive 18 interviews and many acceptances, but also she helped both me and my fiancé get into our dream med school together. She is THAT awesome! She worked with both of us and was able to create a thoughtful school list taking into account both of our MCATs, desires, and interests. I truly believe we are in this amazing position and can stay together thanks to her and will forever be grateful for her help.” 
-Camila, Medical School Applicant

“Dr. Eaton is the most caring advisor and genuine mentor a pre-med student could ask for. When I first spoke to her in my freshman year, I was having doubts about my academic success, but Dr. Eaton guided me by suggesting specific ways in which I can attain that success and one day meet my goals.
Dr. Eaton is extremely knowledgeable about the application process and sets very realistic expectations without sugarcoating her feedback. She provides detailed edits and suggestions while maintaining a warm presence which allows students to engage in an open dialogue throughout. Dr. Eaton helped me craft my personal story into a strong narrative of my journey in medicine. Her depth of knowledge was very helpful in putting together a list of medical schools I applied to, and I felt very confident putting together my activities list and secondaries under her guidance. Dr. Eaton has not only guided me through the application process but also helped me discover my own interests and goals. I cannot ever thank her enough, and I would definitely recommend Dr. Eaton to all pre-med students.”
-A.K., Medical School Applicant

“When it comes to Dr. Eaton, I can think of no other person whom I rely on for career guidance. I first met Dr. Eaton not feeling confident that I had a strong chance of getting accepted to medical school — especially with my lower scores on the MCAT. That being said, Dr. Eaton took the time to get to know me and my story in such a way that she was able bring out what she felt made me unique and spectacular. Not only did she force me to look at myself as candidate with something to offer (and in doing so increasing my confidence), she helped me identify the components of myself that profoundly told my story. To this day, I believe that effort and genuine interest she showed in wanting to highlight my story is what got me accepted into medical school — and at a highly-ranked institution, despite my mediocre scores!
Other people have looked at my application and did not feel like I would make it. Dr. Eaton was able to effortlessly blend her honesty with my career goals and we were able to work seamlessly throughout and application cycle that had many difficult moments. Having Dr. Eaton there at every step of the way offering her wisdom on my writing, interview skills, and overall application — as well as pushing me to not give up (because there were times I felt like I would be better off doing so), is the only reason I was able to make it to a medical school that I am honored to be at. Dr. Eaton will never mislead you but will work with you to bring out the best in you and develop a plan to get you to where you want to go. Now on my clinical rotations, I think of everything Dr. Eaton has done for me during our partnership, and I am immensely grateful that I am able to do what I love, working for patients, at a school that I certainly felt I had no shot at getting into. I whole-heartedly believe that I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for Dr. Eaton. Thank you for listening to my story, for helping my write my story and for believing in me more than I even believed in myself! You’ve made a difference in my life and I hope to pay that forward to my patients as a future physician.”
-G.C., Medical Student

“During my initial consultation with Carleen I knew she was the right choice for application help. She was personable and really seemed to get “me.” I worked with Carleen for two years, starting with planning my time off and preparing a timeline all the way though to choosing a medical school. I would recommend her ten times over to anyone applying to professional school. Not only was she a great adviser, but also a wonderful mentor and friend. I felt confident having Carleen in my corner because with her help I knew I was a competitive applicant. During interviews I knew which questions to ask and how to determine whether or not the school was a great fit for me. I cannot thank Carleen enough for all of her help, and I’ll be sure to call her in four years when it comes time to choose a residency program. Thanks again for everything!”
-Phoebe, Medical School Applicant

“When I was looking for medical school application advisors, I was between Dr. Eaton and some other companies. I soon realized that Dr. Eaton is one of few advisors who takes a personalized approach, working with each of her students directly rather than assigning hired editors or other staff to accommodate her clients. Her level of expertise and knowledge are seemingly unmatched, based both on my experience and the extensive research I performed when looking for a consultant. With the help of Dr. Eaton, I’ve received 12 interviews (and counting) this cycle, with acceptances to two notable MD programs (thus far). She helped me craft a cohesive application that presented a clear view of who I am both as a person and future physician, which garnered compliments from multiple interviewers. Her expertise was made evident through the innumerable pieces of advice I received and could not find elsewhere– ranging from how to formulate the ideal school list based on my aspirations and values to interview etiquette. Aside from the direct application help Dr. Eaton provided, she also uplifted me during times that I lacked confidence in my ability to matriculate into medical school, which is something I will never forget. If you’re like me a year ago, reading through testimonials and reviews hoping you’ll find the right consultant for you, please consider working with Dr. Eaton. It is the best decision I’ve made during this process and my cycle would not have been nearly as successful without her continued guidance and support. Thank you so much, Dr. Eaton!”
-Ashley, Medical School Applicant

“Just wanted to update you and say that my app season is probably done, as I received an acceptance call from the University of ___and have been granted a 200K, full tuition scholarship! It was my favorite school after interviews, so this cycle has gone better than I could have ever imagined. I don’t think this would have been possible without you and you have probably literally saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars and got me into the school of my choice!”
-S.M., Medical School Applicant

“I can’t speak highly enough about my time working with Carleen throughout my PA school application process. From the first time we spoke and devised our “timeline”, Carleen was extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the (overwhelming) process and made the whole experience as stress free as possible. As a second time applicant, she helped me work through the weak areas and missteps of my first time around, making me a much stronger applicant. I loved how she was realistic and still encouraging with me – never sugar coating the difficulty of getting into these programs, but still making me feel confident and worthy of a spot. When it was time for the personal statement, Carleen was not only extremely helpful with her edits and suggestions but was a warm presence who allowed for open dialogue and room to take risks and make mistakes along the way, knowing that there was no judgement. Since working on timelines, essays, and mock interviews with Carleen, I have been accepted to 4 PA programs!! She was an amazing help and I will definitely be indebted to her for some very frantic emails (which were always answered with calm reassurance). Having tried this process once before on my own, I can say with confidence that I would not be where I am today without her help!”
-N.W., Physician Assistant School Applicant

“I would like to say thank you sooooo much for all of your help throughout this entire process. Honestly, I look back on this process and think of the application part as a stress free one due to your help and knowledge. Really, every time I had an essay or supplement, including my personal statement, you just knew what it needed or how to fix it. You were also a confidence booster because after you approved it I trusted your opinion and felt if Carleen approved it, I can send it in. Also, your mock interview was spot on and really helped me for some of those questions I would have seen for the first time on my first interview (and probably have blanked). Amazing to think how far we have come since we first spoke on the phone ….well now I’m going to Harvard!”
-Michael, Dental School Applicant

“Plain and simple: Without Dr. Eaton, I would not be in medical school today. From my first meeting with her, I could tell she was knowledgeable, sensible, and someone I was excited to work with. I felt comfortable asking my dumb questions and sharing my fears about the whole process, which I think is so important when it comes to med school apps. If Dr. Eaton believes in you, she will put in the dedication and work to help you get into medical school. She helped me on every part of the process, from coming up with a school list to brainstorming on the personal statement to preparing for the interviews. During our meetings, she challenged me to dig deep and really put myself on paper, which I believe improved my application tenfold. But even more than that, she will be there for you when you send a frantic late-night email about something you read online. I’ve been fortunate to work with her for the last two years, and I consider Dr. Eaton more of a mentor than just an advisor. I look forward to working with her again for my residency apps. I cannot recommend Dr. Eaton enough.”
-Anthony, Medical School Applicant

“You were so unbelievably helpful and a constant source of reassurance through very stressful times. You helped me transform from someone who thought my rough start to college ruined my chances of being a dentist to someone who was accepted to my top choice school my first time applying. I am over the moon, as are my parents, and so much of this was able to happen thanks to your guidance. Thank you again for all of your help… you truly are WONDERFUL at your job!”
-M.N., Dental School Applicant

“…I was a non-traditional applicant, 10 years removed from undergrad, and had very little guidance on what I needed to do. For a while, I felt like a fish out of water– until I began working with Carleen. From the MCAT and my personal statement all the way to residency applications and interviews, she has been amazing. As someone who has gone through the process herself , she is extremely knowledgeable. Her writing skills are top-notch. She is exceptionally reliable and made herself available whenever I needed her. Fast forward 6 years later, and I just matched into my dream residency in Diagnostic Radiology!! In California!! None of this would have been possible without her. Thank you again for helping me get here.”
-T.D., Residency Applicant

“Dr. Eaton is the most caring advisor and mentor. I can honestly say that I would not have been accepted into medical school without her help. She is very knowledgeable, and takes the time to get to know her students well to tailor her expertise to each individual student. Dr. Eaton helped me throughout the entire application process, including my personal statement and preparation for interviews. During one of my interviews, the interviewer mentioned that my personal statement stood out to him because of the way in which I wrote it, which Dr. Eaton helped me to craft my personal story into a narrative. In preparation for interviews, she took the time to simulate mock interviews and give me feedback to strengthen my answers. English is my second language, so the interview portion of the process was particularly challenging for me. I want to emphasize that Dr. Eaton is highly knowledgeable. My specific situation was a bit tricky as I came to the United States as an international student. However, she believed in me and did all she could to support me to get into medical school. I definitely recommend Dr. Eaton to all pre-med students, and I am looking forward to working with her for my residency application.”
-M.S., Medical School Applicant

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help throughout the past almost year now (crazy to think). The guidance you provided me really did put me in the position to succeed and I’m not sure I would’ve been able to do it without you. Again, I can’t thank you enough..”
-J.B., Medical School Applicant

“It is difficult to put into words how tremendously grateful I am for all your guidance, support and reassurance the past year and a half. My application was on life support and you helped keep my dream alive, securing a handful of interview offers and multiple acceptances. I am so proud of that personal statement and application essays. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me Carleen.”
-Nick, Medical School Applicant

“I am a non-traditional, career changer student, who applied to veterinary school this cycle with the help of Carleen. I did not have any previous guidance from the school where I was taking prerequisites, so I came to Carleen looking for a lot of help. I am so, so thrilled that I found her. I was lucky enough to be accepted to multiple veterinary schools during my first application cycle, and I credit that with all of Carleen’s help. I truly believe that I would not be in this position if it wasn’t for her. I ended up being accepted to my top choice! Carleen is incredibly smart, patient, and kind. She was truly my partner throughout my journey to vet school, and I highly recommend her for anyone looking for all facets of guidance throughout their application process. Thank you Carleen, for believing in me and my story, and for always being there when I needed you. I am forever grateful!”
-L.B., Veterinary School Applicant

“Just wanted to update you and say that my app season is probably done, as I received an acceptance call from the University of ___and have been granted a 200K, full tuition scholarship! It was my favorite school after interviews, so this cycle has gone better than I could have ever imagined. I don’t think this would have been possible without you and you have probably literally saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars and got me into the school of my choice!”
-S.M., Medical School Applicant

“When our daughter began the application process for dental schools, she looked to her pre-health advisor at her university for guidance. We all quickly learned–and I mean “all” because my husband and I were called on to share in her anxiety–that the process was so complicated and totally different from applying to college. I listened to Carleen speak on NPR and was immediately certain of her experience and credibility. Carleen worked with our daughter to set a timeline and they organized all the pieces that needed to be pulled together: the committee letter, recommendations, personal statement, and supplements. But what made the most amazing difference for us was that Carleen did not see the need for the “gap year” that pre-health advising convinced our daughter needed to gain acceptance. We are proud–and relieved–that she’ll be starting Columbia Dental School this year, two months after graduating from college.”
-Sarah A., Parent of a Dental School Applicant

“Just wanted to thank you again for all your help. I remember frantically calling you the summer after graduating, trying to figure out how to put together an application with half of my pre-reqs completed and no clinical experience whatsoever. Fast forward three years, and here I am, about to start med school, having had the opportunity to choose between three excellent and competitive programs. I am really grateful to have had your guidance throughout this whole process. Thank you for your quick replies to my sometimes frantic emails and all of your excellent suggestions for my personal statement, secondary essays, and mock interview. I will definitely be contacting you when it comes time to apply for residency positions!”
-V.O, Medical School Applicant

“I was humbled to recently inform Carleen that I was accepted to the top ranked vet program in that nation! I believe the best practice you can get is doing a mock interview with Carleen and I attribute this to the vital qualities that are unique to her mentoring. She recognizes the importance of the small, yet vital differences in the MMI at different types of professional schools. She has keen insight into what an interviewer is looking for and her ability to truly “act” the part of the interviewer mimicked the unpredictability of my real interview to a tee and challenged me to cope with the nerves of interviewing with an unfamiliar individual. Though she is one of the most kind and personable individuals, during the interview Carleen is a professional at playing the very difficult individuals that are common to many MMI interviews. Carleen provides you with extensive pointers on how to cope with the challenges that programs design to intentionally evaluate how applicants react. In addition, the program that invited me to interview provided very specific interview day instructions. She personalized my mock interview by adopting EVERY extremely specific detail. Her written and in-person feedback included comments on both the content of my answers and non-verbal communication. I can honestly say that thanks to Carleen nothing I encountered during my interview day was a surprise and the ease I felt as a result of my preparedness actually made me have fun!
-A.L., Veterinary School Applicant

“Dr. Eaton is the reason I was able to get into a U.S. M.D. school in 1 month as opposed to 1 year! She was on top of it in terms of knowing what medical schools I was best suited to get into and what medical schools were in the works that I could potentially apply for. It was the latter that helped me find my current medical school 2-3 weeks after the opening 2015 cycle and then subsequently apartment hunting after my acceptance 1 week after that! Long story short: My path to medical school is pretty much unheard of and it’s thanks to her.

She was such a pleasure to work with and answered all of my questions, no matter how tedious. She helped me prepare all my applications way before the opening of AMCAS and she always had an accurate and informative answer regarding secondaries and interviews so I NEVER felt like I was up against something I didn’t know how to challenge.
Applying to medical school is hard and scary. Dr. Eaton really made the whole process feel so much more familiar for me. When picking an advisor I was looking for someone who would give it to me straight but also someone that believed in me and empowered me to make the best choices for myself. I had contacted 1 advisor before Dr. Eaton and after our 15 minute free consultation I was in tears. Despite hearing that she was one of the best, she truly had NO INTEREST in working with someone that didn’t fit her cookie cutter ideal candidate with stellar scores across the board. I wasn’t that person and she basically blew me off. I will never forget that that particular advisor made me feel like I wouldn’t get into medical school and BOY WAS SHE WRONG. Shortly after speaking with that advisor, I found Dr. Eaton. She was a game changer for me.

After our brief phone call I felt like I had more than a fighting chance of getting into med school and she had worked with people like myself that were strong students but not necessarily 4.0 science GPA 95% MCAT. I was SO THANKFUL when I found Dr. Eaton, working with her got me to where I am now and given how great my experience was with her, I contacted her again to work with me on preparing my residency apps.
I cannot express my gratitude for her. Not only did she help me, but she believed in me, and now I am 1.5 years away from graduating with an MD.”
– F.N. Medical School Applicant

“The path to an acceptance isn’t always easy, but Carleen was by my side through every turn. When I began the medical school admissions process, I was extremely overwhelmed. However, during my initial meeting with Carleen, I immediately felt assured that she would be able to guide me through it all. Carleen is always full of positivity and encouragement, while providing sound advice and feedback based on years of experience. With all her support, I now hold multiple acceptances and am very excited to be starting medical school in the fall!”
-M.T. Medical School Applicant

“I want to take the present moment to thank you for all the help you have given me during the primary, secondary, and interview stage of the medical school application process. Reflecting back on the earlier stages of this long, long process (which still has some ways to go), I do not think I would have been nearly as successful as I have been up to this point had it not been for your suggested revisions (for both my personal statement and secondary responses), interview feedback (esp. our Skype practice sessions), and most importantly, your overall perspective on the medical school application process (having experienced it yourself and having guided so many people through it during prior years). Specifically speaking, when I felt frustrated about initial setbacks in the early stages of the application process, your advice really helped me put things in perspective, which in turn allowed me to pursue the next step with a level-headed mindset.”
-Y.C., Medical School Applicant

“As a dental school applicant, I was unsure about hiring a consultant who is a medical doctor. I researched many services and had several free introductory phone consultations. Other franchised companies were too mechanical and all about the numbers. However, after 20 minutes with Dr. Eaton, I felt most comfortable sharing my story with her. Even as an M.D., she has vast experience with dental students. As a re-applicant, Dr. Eaton corrected many flaws in my AADSAS application. She helped me collect my thoughts and share my story in a concise, well-written personal statement. She was very knowledgeable upon the schools that I should be applying. Upon her recommendations, I interviewed at 4 schools, whereas the previous year I didn’t get any interviews. Prior to the interviews, I had mock interviews which helped my confidence tremendously. The school that I’m attending this fall was not even on my radar initially. I’m so happy that Dr. Eaton recommended this school because it’s a perfect fit for me. Regardless of who you choose, there should be a level of trust and comfort with your consultant. I trusted Dr. Eaton with my educational career, and I thank her for expert advice. I highly recommend her.”
-Chris, Dental School Applicant

“I wanted to let you know that I was accepted to my first choice vet school. Your role in helping me with my applications was priceless. You couldn’t have been more patient or nicer. I also appreciate the way you would made suggestions but still valued my voice. I always felt that we were on the same page and your help in highlighting my qualities was right on.”
-S.R., Veterinary School Applicant

“Thank you so very much for your help and guidance over the past several months. As a non-traditional student, I had so much to learn, and you gave me the most honest, straightforward advice, while encouraging me every step of the way. You helped me build on my strengths, and minimize my weaknesses. I have been accepted into a wonderful medical school, and I truly could not have done this without you. I am forever grateful to you for helping me follow my dream. Thank you!”
-Jennifer, Medical School Applicant

“Just wanted to send a quick e-mail letting you know that I matched into my #1 rank General Surgery program! Thank you so much for all your help with my personal statements. I am very excited about my future career. Again, thank you for the help and I hope you keep advising and mentoring pre-health students… your time was appreciated and made a difference!”
-M.L. Residency Applicant

“As an applicant, I wanted to make sure I have a personal statement that was both original and sincere but not cliché. Dr Eaton was so knowledgeable in crafting what makes a strong personal statement. I had many program directors and attendings tell me during my interview how interesting and different (in a good way!) they found my personal statement. I was able to use that to my advantage during my interview to make me stand out from the other applicants. I am now happy to say I will be an OBGYN intern next year at one of my top choices! Thank you so much Dr Eaton!
-C.H. Residency Applicant

“Being a nontraditional applicant, my situation was a bit unique. While my university advisers were as helpful as they could be, they simply weren’t able to advise me on certain aspects of my application strategy.
Dr. Eaton was excellent in this regard. It was obvious that she has a great deal of experience with the admissions process, and she was not afraid to give definitive and realistic advice on some major decisions that some other advisers seemed afraid to confront. I always felt she was committing a fair amount of time and consideration to my case and not rushing me through in any way, and she also provided some much appreciated encouragement at times when the application process got difficult.
It’s been a long process but I’m happy to say that I’ve been accepted to three dental schools so far. I’m incredibly excited to start, and I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Eaton. Thank you!”
-Andrew, Dental School Applicant

“Carleen was invaluable to my medical school application process. She balanced honesty and candidness with empathy and encouragement to help me each step of the way. Her comments and guidance on essays were direct and succinct, and her interview advice helped me feel comfortable and prepared for my interview days. Carleen is awesome, and I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor for an unbelievably stressful process.”
-S.B., Medical School Applicant

“I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to help my son with his dental school application and guide him with his personal statement, activities, extracurriculars, supplemental essays and more. We are so glad that he got accepted in his dream school and got acceptance letters from multiple top dental schools. This would not have been possible without you and I sincerely want to express my appreciation for that. You were always there when my son needed any guidance. The entire process started six months before the dental school application opened up in AADSAS and continued until all his supplemental essays were completed. Thank you once again.” 

-H.S. Parent of a Dental School Applicant

“Thank you so much for your help with the application! I can’t tell you the number of interviewers who told me they really enjoyed reading my personal statement, it was often a great icebreaker. Thanks again!”
-M.J., Residency Applicant

“I just wanted to thank you one last time for everything you have done for me throughout this (long) process. All of your advice, essay editing, interview prep, and general suggestions were more helpful than I could have imagined, and you always answered every question I had so thoroughly and quickly. It was so great working with you and I’m extremely grateful for your help! Thank you again!
– A.D., Medical School Applicant

“Thank you very much for your encouragement and advice. I know I couldn’t have done this without you! You helped me on every little detail of my personal statement to a thorough mock interview. Your positive energy, your fast response and efficient and professional work kept me going this summer. I owe you a big one for reaching my goal of the year.”
-L.H., Medical School Applicant

“Carleen was an absolutely terrific coach and advisor during my application and interviewing process to dental school. She guided me through the application, helped me choose the best match for dental schools, and gave me a clear and concise picture of what I can expect during my interviews.
I was accepted to just about every school to which I applied and happily my first choice for the fall class of 2013. I would be happy to speak to anyone personally regarding Carleen’s consultation services.”
-Alex F., Dental School Applicant

“Working with Carleen has made a huge difference throughout the entire application process…from the DAT to the application, secondary applications, interviews, and finally acceptance. She was knowledgeable throughout every part of the process. No matter what question I had she was able to answer it and not only that most of the time she was able to give me a few options. I know my personal statement, essays for secondaries, and my interviews were stronger because of her. I was accepted to the dental school of my choice and would not have been able to do it without her.”
-Kevin, Dental School Applicant

“Dr. Eaton fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations. I had no idea where to begin with my personal statement, and I ended up with a strong essay that is the competitive advantage I was looking for in my post-bac application process. Throughout the editing process, she was prompt and insightful with her responses, which were always kind and encouraging, yet forthright and incisive. She steered me around potential pitfalls, while leaving plenty of room to express myself in my own voice. From the outset, it was clear that she was a valuable resource, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”
-E.M., Post-baccalaureate Applicant

“Dr. Eaton’s insight and coaching allowed me to gain acceptance to medical school in a time when seats are hard to come by. Her knowledge of the current application standards is impeccable, and with this she was able to navigate me through the tumultuous process of applying to medical school. From essay writing to preparing for interviews, Dr. Eaton was with me every step of the way. She is always extremely accessible and willing to talk. It becomes apparent very quickly that she really cares for her students. I am so grateful to have met such a kind and personable mentor! My lifelong dream is realized only after Dr. Eaton’s continued guidance.”
-B.L., Medical School Applicant

“I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me get here. Before we began working together I was lost down the road to grad school and you helped take me from a less than average candidate to a future veterinarian all the way from choosing prerequisites to impressing schools in an interview. You are very good at what you do and I am glad there are people like you out there to help young adults reach their goals.”
-K.H. Veterinary School Applicant

“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Eaton to any applicant looking to gain an edge in the application process. Dr. Eaton’s advice and counseling was instrumental in allowing me to receive admission offers from multiple medical schools, including some of my top choices. She not only has the experience and expertise to guide you through the various stages of applying to medical school (allopathic and osteopathic programs) but also knows how to handle the myriad of challenges that can arise. Whenever I had a question or concern, she responded quickly and provided me with useful advice. I felt like I truly had an advocate on my side that cared about my success. She offers availability and personal attention that is difficult to find, especially at the reasonable price she charges. I am glad that I selected Dr. Eaton and will consider her when it is time to apply for residency.
-G.R., Medical School Applicant

“A friend of mine recommended Dr. Eaton to me when I was stressed out and struggling through the application process for PA school as a non-traditional applicant with no background in applying to programs in medicine. Since the first time we talked on the phone, I knew she was something special…she has a knack for giving honest, realistic assessments without hurting your confidence and for helping you to see parts of your application that may come up at interviews. As someone with a lower G.P.A. and a somewhat tumultuous background, I wasn’t sure I would be able to achieve my goal of PA school this year. Carleen helped me structure my interview responses in a way that gave me confidence in my answers, and now, thanks to her and her expert advice on ALL parts of any application cycle, I have accepted a spot at my top choice of schools, one of the top schools in the nation! That’s a long way to come for this non-traditional applicant, and I owe it all to Dr. Eaton!”
-K.T, Physician Assistant Applicant

“You are by far the best pre-health advisor and one of the most caring mentors I know.”
-Katherine, Medical School Applicant

“Dr. Eaton worked intently with me through every step of the application process from the primary and secondary applications to the mock interview. I know that her profound insight and suggestions made a great difference in my application essays and interviewing skills, and I am very grateful to have worked with her. Carleen is an advisor who genuinely cares; she always made herself available to answer all of my questions and her consistently thorough and yet timely revisions amazed me. Carleen’s passion for advising, professionalism, and warmth really resonated with me, and I would definitely recommend her to all my peers.”
-H.Y., Medical School Applicant

“My husband and I want to thank you for all the help you lent our daughter. You recommended the post-bac program, you encouraged her to re-take the DAT. In fact, she said you recommended the school she has recently been accepted to when it was not on her list of schools to apply. … we’re just glad she has a school to go to this coming September (and a very good one). … If she’s invited to other interviews, she will continue to go. And if she doesn’t, she’s just as happy.”
A.K. – Parent of a Dental School Applicant

“I cannot express to you how genuinely pleased I am with this essay…On another note, thank you so much for all your help, positivity and encouragement during this exceptionally stressful and sometimes frustrating time. Your reviews of previous drafts, comments and emphasis on my strengths have been uplifting and made this experience much more enjoyable than I had originally thought. So thank you. It makes all the difference.”
-M.F. Veterinary School Applicant

“I worked with Dr. Eaton in preparation for my med school interview this past cycle. I was recently accepted to a highly respected DO school and could not have done it without her help. Her knowledge of the intricacies of the medical school application/interview process put me ahead of other applicants and gave me the confidence to succeed.”
-R.F. Medical School Applicant

“Thank you so much for your advice and all the time and help you’ve given me while applying to medical school. Beginning with the initial consultation a year before my application and continuing through interview season and decision on which school to attend, your services and genuine personality have proved invaluable during the application process. Thank you again for all the help as well as always being available by email with any questions or concerns. Without your guidance, the entire process would have been that much more arduous and I look forward to working with you again during the residency applications.”
-M.K. Medical Student

“I want to thank you for all your help with my interview preparation. Throughout the process, it was evident that you are very knowledgeable in medical school admissions and that you take each individual applicant seriously. Thanks, again, for your help and encouragement.”
-Anthony, Medical School Applicant

“I’m so grateful for your help with my interview preparation! Your strong knowledge of the admission process helped me understand about dental school interview process. You taught me how to present myself, what my strengths are and what gaps I have to fill in making myself stand out. Thank you for being available whenever I needed your help and taking very seriously every little question that I asked. Everything that you have taught me helped a lot to reach my goal and as a result I was accepted to Dental School of my dreams!”

-M.K., Dental School Applicant

“I guess the interview went pretty well after all! Just wanted to thank you again for all your help! You really prepared me for the interview and I appreciate it so much!!! A million times thank you!”
-John, Dental School Applicant

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