Dental School Admissions Consulting

Dental School Admissions Consulting by Dr. Carleen Eaton
From choosing undergraduate coursework through the final editing of your personal statement, Dr. Eaton’s expert guidance will help you to maximize your chances of admission to dental school. A graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Eaton has advised hundreds of successful applicants over the past thirteen years.
Applicants in all situations have benefited from Dr. Eaton’s advising, including non-traditional applicants, reapplicants, candidates aiming for top-tier schools, and those who are struggling with the application process.
Dr. Eaton provides comprehensive dental school admissions consulting including: general guidance on the dental school admissions process; detailed review of your application; thorough editing of your personal statement; and interview coaching and mock interviews.

To schedule a free twenty-minute phone consultation with Dr. Eaton, call 626-768-2154 or e-mail

Dental School Admissions Consulting Services

Here are some details of the areas Dr. Eaton offers advising in:

  • Planning – Guidance for pre-dental students on prerequisite coursework, extracurricular activities and gaining clinical experience.
  • DAT – Advice on when to take the exam and what your score means.
  • Strategy – Develop a personalized timeline for applying, explain the application process and provide answers to questions about the application process.
  • Dental School Admissions ConsultingSchools – Assistance determining the number of schools and specific schools to apply to based on your application.
  • Personal statement – Guidance on developing the theme, structure and content of your personal statement. Review of drafts of the statement with feedback on content, style, tone, grammar and syntax.
  • Primary Application – Provide help with AADSAS and TMDSAS (Texas dental schools) applications to ensure that they are completed thoroughly and accurately.
  • Secondary applications – Advice about completing short answer and essay questions.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Guidance in selecting letter writers and obtaining letters of recommendation.
  • Interview – Discussion of the interview process and preparation for interview day. Practice interviews conducted via phone, video phone using Skype or in person.
  • Resume/cv – Provide advice about format and content of your cv. Proofread and provide written feedback for drafts of the cv.

Contact Dr. Eaton at 626-768-2154 or to arrange a free, no obligation twenty-minute phone consultation.

Dental School Admissions Consulting Services

Personal Statement Editing

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Hourly Consulting

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Mock Interviews

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Dental School Applicant Testimonials

“As a dental school applicant, I was unsure about hiring a consultant who is a medical doctor. I researched many services and had several free introductory phone consultations. Other franchised companies were too mechanical and all about the numbers. However, after 20 minutes with Dr. Eaton, I felt most comfortable sharing my story with her. Even as an M.D., she has vast experience with dental students. As a re-applicant, Dr. Eaton corrected many flaws in my AADSAS application. She helped me collect my thoughts and share my story in a concise, well written personal statement. She was very knowledgeable upon the schools that I should be applying. Upon her recommendations, I interviewed at 4 schools, whereas the previous year I didn’t get any interviews. Prior to the interviews, I had mock interviews which helped my confidence tremendously. The school that I’m attending this fall was not even on my radar initially. I’m so happy that Dr. Eaton recommended this school because it’s a perfect fit for me. Regardless of who you choose, there should be a level of trust and comfort with your consultant. I trusted Dr. Eaton with my educational career, and I thank her for expert advice. I highly recommend her.”

-Chris, Dental School Applicant


“My husband and I want to thank you for all the help you lent our daughter. You recommended the post-bac program, you encouraged her to re-take the DAT. In fact, she said you recommended the school she has recently been accepted to when it was not on her list of schools to apply. … we’re just glad she has a school to go to this coming September (and a very good one). … If she’s invited to other interviews, she will continue to go. And if she doesn’t, she’s just as happy.”

-A.K., Parent of a Dental School Applicant


“Carleen was an absolutely terrific coach and advisor during my application and interviewing process to dental school. She guided me through the application, helped me choose the best match for dental schools, and gave me a clear and concise picture of what I can expect during my interviews. I was accepted to just about every school to which I applied and happily my first choice for the fall class of 2013. I would be happy to speak to anyone personally regarding Carleen’s consultation services.”

-Alex F., Dental School Applicant


“I’m so grateful for your help with my interview preparation! Your strong knowledge of the admission process helped me understand about dental school interview process. You taught me how to present myself, what my strengths are and what gaps I have to fill in making myself stand out. Thank you for being available whenever I needed your help and taking very seriously every little question that I asked. Everything that you have taught me helped a lot to reach my goal and as a result I was accepted to Dental School of my dreams!”

-M.K., Dental School Applicant


“Being a nontraditional applicant, my situation was a bit unique. While my university advisers were as helpful as they could be, they simply weren’t able to advise me on certain aspects of my application strategy. Dr. Eaton was excellent in this regard. It was obvious that she has a great deal of experience with the admissions process, and she was not afraid to give definitive and realistic advice on some major decisions that some other advisers seemed afraid to confront. I always felt she was committing a fair amount of time and consideration to my case and not rushing me through in any way, and she also provided some much appreciated encouragement at times when the application process got difficult. It’s been a long process but I’m happy to say that I’ve been accepted to three dental schools so far. I’m incredibly excited to start, and I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Eaton. Thank you!”

-Andrew, Dental School Applicant