Testimonials from some of Dr. Skolnik's Clients

"Thank you very much for your guidance and advice on my essays. You helped me with the details I was unable to see because I was too close to the content. I appreciated your direct and clear suggestions. And of course, your lens as a DVM was invaluable. Your quick responses as I juggled what felt like thousands of revisions helped me submit my vet school applications on time. It takes a village - and I'm glad you were a part of mine."
Veterinary School Applicant
"Dr. Hannah was such a great asset to my application experience. I applied to veterinary school previously with no guidance and was very lost during the entire process. Her knowledge of the entire admissions process was so helpful; she knew how to guide me through the important questions that the VMCAS asked, and how to tailor my application to represent my best self. Dr. Hannah's feedback on my personal statement, supplemental essays, and my mock interviews were all very practical and targeted specifically to my needs without being overly critical or sugarcoating what I truly needed. Even beyond our scheduled meetings, I was able to reach her easily for small questions in between meetings and she was very accommodating of my concerns and was willing to answer all of them. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs someone to walk beside them during the entire application process. I felt very secure and comforted by the fact that I had someone very well versed in veterinary medicine and the VMCAS helping me through it all. I can't thank her enough!"
Veterinary School Applicant
"Dr. Skolnik provided a lot of valuable advice and tips on my first vet med application cycle - definitely a lot of things that I would not have been able to look up myself and put together. I really appreciated her encouragement and ability to highlight my non-traditional background and experience in my personal statement and experiences section. She also did a great job with editing my essay to be concise yet a good reflection of who I was as an applicant. I received offers from Oregon State U and Cornell, an alternate status at Colorado State U, and interviews with UPenn and University of Edinburgh! I am thrilled to be accepting my offer from Cornell and very appreciative of Dr. Skolnik's contribution to my journey to become a DVM."
Veterinary School Applicant
"I am so grateful for Hannah’s guidance throughout the med school application process. Being that I was previously unsuccessful in applying to med school, I had lost confidence in both my application and myself. Hannah took the time to get to know me to identify the best way to make my application to stand out as a reapplicant. She challenged me to write a nontraditional personal statement and guided me throughout the entire writing process. Her edits and guiding questions helped me to write a personal statement that is unique and authentic to me. I am confident that my revamped personal statement was a large contributing factor to my success this cycle. Overall, I felt that I could trust Hannah’s advice and I appreciated her honesty and reassurance throughout the process."
Medical School Applicant
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