Dr. Suresh’s Testimonials

Testimonials from some of Dr. Suresh's Clients

"I cannot be more thankful for all of Dr. Yedidi’s help. When I first started my personal statement I was completely lost, but Dr. Yedidi provided me with a set plan that helped me get started. After my first phone call with her, I immediately felt more comfortable writing my personal statement. She always provided constructive and easy to understand feedback in a very timely fashion. Without her I wouldn’t have gotten into my top schools."
Medical School Applicant
"From my first phone call with Dr. Yedidi to my acceptance into the medical school of my dreams, she has been incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated, and helpful. She allowed me to realize and build upon the connections between my various experiences and create a personal statement that was impactful and true to me. She went above and beyond when it came to her availability. She was very responsive and was always able to quickly find a few minutes to answer my questions or read through my drafts. I knew that I could always count on her to help me with honest and constructive feedback. She was very knowledgeable about the application process and had a really great insight into how cycle decisions are made. Dr. Yedidi listened to what I wanted and made sure to tailor her guidance to fit my needs. Working with her made the entire process not only more efficient and effective but much less stressful. She skillfully helped me with every part of the application process, including extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, application writing, school list selection, and interview practice. Despite my average stats, I was able to maximize my application and have a very successful application cycle thanks to Dr. Yedidi's guidance."
Medical School Applicant
"From my first meeting with Raagini, I knew she was the perfect person to help me succeed throughout my medical school application process. From the start of my personal statement to my last secondary essays, she helped me express my inner thoughts and experiences while preserving my unique voice. Not only did she help me write some of the best essays of my life, but she also advised me on every step of path to applying to medical school, from helping me devise a well-rounded school list to preparing me for my very first interview. Whether it was a quick question or a deeper concern that I had, she always got back to me before I could even set my phone down. Throughout the whole process, Raagini was the single best resource I had, and she did everything possible to make sure I succeeded. It really was a privilege to have her by my side the entire way.”
Medical School Applicant
"I am tremendously grateful for Raagini’s consistent guidance, reassurance, and support in helping me get into medical school. Given her experience in successfully navigating the same process and getting into top tier medical schools herself, I trusted her opinion and knew that she was leading me down the right path as she helped me from start to finish. Raagini made sure to get to know me well as a person so that the advice she gave for my primary and secondary applications, as well as personal statement was truly holistic and reflected my strengths. She also consistently challenged me. As a result, my personal statement and other essays were a clear and concise picture of myself and my story. In addition to that, her writing skills and edits really helped to further elevate what I submitted. As a result, I was able to gain several invitations for interviews. As I mentioned, Raagini got to know me well as a person. So, one of her most helpful qualities as an admissions advisor was helping me to hone my interview skills, reassure me on my strengths, and give me the confidence I needed to have success during the final stages of the application process. Ultimately, I earned acceptances at all the schools I interviewed at and was lucky enough to pick. Overall, Raagini is very honest (recognized weaknesses in my application and helped craft responses to interview questions that came up over them), realistic (targeted schools that best fit my statistics and application), and reliable (always returned essays with notes and edits in a very timely manner). I love her style, and I look forward to working with her again when applying to residency programs! Thank you!"
Medical School Applicant
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