Dr. Eaton's Residency Advising Rates and Packages

Dr. Eaton provides both hourly and fixed price admissions consulting for residency applicants.

  • Hourly advising provides the most flexibility and is suitable for all types of applicants at any stage of the process. Unused time is fully refundable.
  • The Personal Statement Package provides start-to-finish help on the personal statement only.
  • The Mock Intervew Package includes an interview (traditional or MMI) and written feedback.
  • Hourly advising can be added to any package for advising outside the scope of the packages, such as advising on course planning; CV editing; additional secondaries or interviews; or any other advising needs.

Please contact us at 626-768-2154 or info@prehealthadvising.com to arrange a free, no obligation twenty-minute consultation.

Hourly Advising

One to Nine Hours

Use for any advising work
$ 500 per Hour
  • Our Most Flexible Option
  • Unused Time is Fully Refundable

Ten or More Hours

$50 per Hour Discount
$ 450 per Hour
  • Our Most Flexible Option
  • Unused Time is Fully Refundable

Residency Application Package

Personal Statement Package

Comprehensive Editing and Feedback
$ 2500
  • Review of your Background Information
  • One Brainstorming Session up to One Hour
  • Editing of up to Four Drafts
  • Detailed Written Feedback with Each Draft

To purchase the package with additional hourly consulting for work outside the package scope at $450 per hour, click below.

You will be taken to the checkout page where you can select the number of hours.

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