Medical School Admissions Consulting

Carleen Eaton MD Admissions Consulting
From choosing undergraduate coursework through the final editing of your personal statement, Dr. Eaton’s expert guidance will help you to maximize your chance of admission to medical school. A graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Eaton has advised hundreds of successful applicants over the past thirteen years.

Applicants in all situations have benefited from Dr. Eaton’s advising, including non-traditional applicants, reapplicants, candidates aiming for top-tier schools, and those who are struggling with the application process.

Dr. Eaton provides comprehensive medical school admissions consulting including: general guidance on the medical school (M.D. and D.O) admissions process; detailed review of your application; thorough editing of your personal statement; and interview coaching and mock interviews.

To schedule a free twenty-minute phone consultation with Dr. Eaton, call 626-768-2154 or e-mail

Medical School Admissions Consulting Services

Some of the areas that Dr. Eaton advises applicants on:

  • Planning – Guidance for premedical students on prerequisite coursework, extracurricular activities and gaining clinical experience.
  • MCAT – Advice on when to take the exam and what your score means.
  • Strategy – Develop a personalized timeline for applying, explain the application process and provide answers to questions about the application process.
  • Medical School Admissions ConsultingSchools – Assistance determining the number of schools and specific schools to apply to based on your application.
  • Personal statement – Guidance on developing the theme, structure and content of your personal statement. Review of drafts of the statement with feedback on content, style, tone, grammar and syntax.
  • Primary Application – Provide help with AMCAS (M.D.), ACOMAS (D.O) and/or TMDSAS (Texas medical schools) applications to ensure that they are completed thoroughly and accurately.
  • Secondary application – Advice about completing short answer and essay questions.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Guidance in selecting letter writers, obtaining letters and the process of submitting letters to M.D. and D.O. schools.
  • Interview – Discussion of the interview process and preparation for interview day. Practice interviews conducted via video conference or in person in the Los Angeles area.
  • Resume/cv – Provide advice about format and content of your cv. Proofread and provide written feedback for drafts of the cv.
  • Career planning – Information on specialties and your medical career.
  • International Schools – Assistance applying to Canadian, Caribbean and other medical schools outside the U.S.

Medical School Admissions Consulting Services

Personal Statement Editing

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Hourly Consulting

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Mock Interviews

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Med School Admissions Consulting Client Testimonials

“During my initial consultation with Carleen I knew she was the right choice for application help. She was personable and really seemed to get “me.” I worked with Carleen for two years, starting with planning my time off and preparing a timeline all the way though to choosing a medical school. I would recommend her ten times over to anyone applying to professional school. Not only was she a great adviser, but also a wonderful mentor and friend. I felt confident having Carleen in my corner because with her help I knew I was a competitive applicant. During interviews I knew which questions to ask and how to determine whether or not the school was a great fit for me. I cannot thank Carleen enough for all of her help, and I’ll be sure to call her in four years when it comes time to choose a residency program. Thanks again for everything!”

-Phoebe, Medical School Applicant


“I want to take the present moment to thank you for all the help you have given me during the primary, secondary, and interview stage of the medical school application process. Reflecting back on the earlier stages of this long, long process (which still has some ways to go), I do not think I would have been nearly as successful as I have been up to this point had it not been for your suggested revisions (for both my personal statement and secondary responses), interview feedback (esp. our Skype practice sessions), and most importantly, your overall perspective on the medical school application process (having experienced it yourself and having guided so many people through it during prior years). Specifically speaking, when I felt frustrated about initial setbacks in the early stages of the application process, your advice really helped me put things in perspective, which in turn allowed me to pursue the next step with a level-headed mindset.”

-Y.C., Medical School Applicant


“Thank you so very much for your help and guidance over the past several months. As a non-traditional student, I had so much to learn, and you gave me the most honest, straightforward advice, while encouraging me every step of the way. You helped me build on my strengths, and minimize my weaknesses. I have been accepted into a wonderful medical school, and I truly could not have done this without you. I am forever grateful to you for helping me follow my dream. Thank you!”

-Jennifer, Medical School Applicant


“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Eaton to any applicant looking to gain an edge in the application process. Dr. Eaton’s advice and counseling was instrumental in allowing me to receive admission offers from multiple medical schools, including some of my top choices. She not only has the experience and expertise to guide you through the various stages of applying to medical school (allopathic and osteopathic programs) but also knows how to handle the myriad of challenges that can arise. Whenever I had a question or concern, she responded quickly and provided me with useful advice. I felt like I truly had an advocate on my side that cared about my success. She offers availability and personal attention that is difficult to find, especially at the reasonable price she charges. I am glad that I selected Dr. Eaton and will consider her when it is time to apply for residency.”

-G.R., Medical School Applicant


“Dr. Eaton worked intently with me through every step of the application process from the primary and secondary applications to the mock interview. I know that her profound insight and suggestions made a great difference in my application essays and interviewing skills, and I am very grateful to have worked with her. Carleen is an advisor who genuinely cares; she always made herself available to answer all of my questions and her consistently thorough and yet timely revisions amazed me. Carleen’s passion for advising, professionalism, and warmth really resonated with me, and I would definitely recommend her to all my peers.”

-H.Y., Medical School Applicant