Post-baccalaureate programs are intended for two groups of applicants. The first is those applicants who have already graduated from college but do not possess the prerequisite coursework for medical or dental school. The second group consists of students who possess the necessary science coursework but who are seeking to strengthen their academic records prior to applying.

Post-bac programs vary greatly in their structure, cost and focus. I will work with you to help you to find the programs that best suit your needs and to compile a strong application.

Here are some of the areas I offer advising in:

  • Strategy – Develop a personalized timeline for applying, explain the application process and provide answers to questions about the application process. Provide help in developing a long term plan for your application to medical or dental school.
  • Schools – Assistance determining the type of post-bac program that will fit your background and needs and help you to generate a list of specific schools to which to apply.
  • Personal statement – Guidance on developing the theme, structure and content of your personal statement. Review of drafts of the statement with feedback on content, style, tone, grammar and syntax.
  • Letters of Recommendation – Guidance in selecting letter writers and obtaining letters of recommendation.
  • Resume/cv – Provide advice about format and content of your cv. Proofread and provide written feedback for drafts of the cv.
  • Interview – Some programs require an interview for admission. Interview preparation includes a discussion of the interview process and what to expect on interview day as well as a practice interviews conducted via phone, video phone using Skype or in person.