Hourly Consulting

Use the time for any area of the application, and you can request a refund for any unused time.  Purchase at least ten hours to receive the lowest hourly rate.

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Personal Statement Editing

With the Personal Statement Editing Package, Dr. Eaton will work with you to develop a compelling, polished statement for a single, flat rate.

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Mock Interviews

The Mock Interview Package is offered for both traditional and multi mini-interview formats. A two-session package is available that includes both a traditional format and MMI mock interviews. Each format includes an interview (in person, by Skype or by phone) and verbal and written feedback.

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Carleen Eaton MD Admissions Consulting

Contact Dr. Eaton

Contact Dr. Eaton at 626-768-2154 or info@prehealthadvising.com to schedule a free twenty-minute, no obligation phone consultation.