Questions to Ask on Interview Day

Your main concerns on interview day are most likely the impression you will make on the interviewer and whether or not you will be accepted to the school. However, remember that you are not the only one being evaluated – this visit is also your chance to determine if the school is the one that you would like to attend.  If you end up in the wonderful position of having multiple acceptances, you will need to use the information you gathered during interview day to help you choose where you will spend the next four years.  A typical interview day schedule includes a tour of the school given by a student, a talk by someone from the admissions office, lunch and one or two interviews. The tour and lunch offer opportunities for you to ask questions of students attending the school, and during the interview you will be interacting with a faculty member as well. Below are some questions to ask directly or to keep in mind as you make your way through the halls of the med school and hospital:

Are the facilities in good shape?  Are there any plans for changes to the campus?

Are the clinical sites busy?  Are most of the beds filled?

What areas of the city do most students live in? What is the best means of transportation to school?

What support services are available to students?

How are students evaluated during clinical rotations?

Why did you choose to attend this school?

What is the school’s USMLE pass rate?

Do most of the school’s graduates enter primary care or specialties?

Is there a sense of camaraderie among the students?

Finally, try to envision yourself spending most of your waking hours, and some of your sleeping ones, at the school. Will you be happy there? The next four years will be busy, exciting and sometimes stressful, so think ahead and make sure that you choose a school that fits you well.

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